Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Gluten free dishes for St Patrick's Day are not that hard to come by, but ones you haven't seen a million times before sometimes are. Once again, in the spirit of the holiday, but not necessarily following in tradition's footsteps, are two recipes, one for potatoes and one for cabbage. The photo above depicts the beginning stages of a delicious mushroom potato parmesan pie. You could easily switch from parmesan to a gooier cheese like mozzarella, and you would still enjoy this. The fresh thyme sprinkled through the layers adds something special to the recipe.
Here's a cabbage recipe that's well off the beaten path for St Patrick's Day, but it's included because it goes so well with corned beef. It is what it appears to be, Indian curried cabbage straight out of the subcontinent's culinary tradition. It's great warm. room temperature, or chilled, so it's the perfect dish to contribute to a St Patrick's pot luck, since there's no worry about reheating or keeping chilled. Freezes well, too, in case you'd like to prepare a large amount in advance.

Despite its ruby look, this soup contains a large amount of green cabbage. In fact, the cabbage is a big part of what provides its delightfully crunchy texture. A mix of roasted beets, onions and garlic and steamed carrots in a vegetable bouillon spiked with oregano and thyme are the other ingredients. The topping: Greek yogurt with chopped walnuts. Food for the gods, or Saint, as the case may be.


Kim said...

do you have a recipe for the curry cabbage?

G.F.Veg said...

oh, wow---where was my mind??
OK, i've linked up all the recipes referred to in this article. thanks so much for writing, kim!