Saturday, March 6, 2010


Against the Grain gluten-free bagels, above,  have one of the most fascinating ingredient lists you'll come across for a gluten-free bread product. Here it is: Tapioca starch, milk, eggs, mozzarella cheese, canola oil, sesame seeds, salt, sesame oil. What, you may ask, is mozzarella cheese doing IN a bagel? Now, this might lead you to believe that something definitely unusual might lie within the standard-issue plastic bag of frozen bagels, and you would be correct in that assumption.

Although this product is clearly the correct shape for being a bagel, its texture is nothing like the conventional middle-European baked good. The outside is slick (common) and slightly crackled (unusual). When instructions are followed to slightly defrost it in the microwave (common) it deflates considerably (unusual), thereby becoming somewhat sticky, flat, delicate and difficult to slice open.

This is, however, a tasty baked good. The mistake is calling it a bagel, which it resembles solely in its shape. It is, rather, a cheese and egg roll, soft till heavily toasted, and delightfully flavored. Ignore the hole in the middle. Consider it an unusual structural choice for a cheese roll and enjoy!

If the taste of the bagel is overly sweetened or strangely so, it can throw off the taste of anything you apply to your bready donut. As in the case of Enjoy Life, above, which tasted strongly of apple juice it was present even under the melted cheddar. The Enjoy Life bagel is also more dense and smaller than a tradtional bagel.

The Glutino bagel, above, toasts up with an almost identical texture to the bagels you probably remember. It has no unusual ingredients, no odd, intrusive flavors. it is, simply, bagelesque, and that holds true for the plain, sesame or raisin varieties. The winner!


fleababe said...

The Glutino bagels are truly amazing. When I was trying to discover whether or not I could eat gluten (I feel guilty writing this, but now I can....) I had a Glutino sesame bagel every morning for breakfast. Some mornings with peanut butter, other days I did a combo of cream cheese and tomato. They are really worth the money.

G.F.Veg said...

hi fleababe,
i like the sound of cream cheese and tomato. believe it or not, i've never had it. must try.
and thanks for writing!

Bananna said...

Glutino bagels are GREAT, don't get me wrong, but they're also a whopping 400 calories! Even the big bagels at Einstein's are only about 280. I only have these for a special treat. Or, I like to cut them into discs, brush them with garlic butter, and toast them to make croutons.

Thanks for the review!

P.S. - I just started my own gf blog: Check it out!

G.F.Veg said...

now you've really made me feel like a glutton! i've started eating one of those huge glutino bagels almost like a piece of layer cake after dinner, with a cup of tea.....great idea to slice them.

putting your blog on my bloglist, nice job!