Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The folks at Mary's sent me a selection of their crackers: onion, herb, black pepper, original and caraway. They are nice crackers but VERY crunchy, so if melt-in-your-mouth is your thing, look elsewhere. Fans of crunch, however, will absolutely love these little gems.

They are covered in seeds, upping the fiber content considerably, a nice benefit. My two favorites were the onion and caraway. For me, those two had the most distinctive tastes of the group. All seem to work best with a creamy topping. I used whipped cottage cheese but a higher fat option like brie, or a tangy one, such as goat cheese, would also be a good pairing. 

Mary's also makes another product I'm fond of: Check out Mary's Sticks and Twigs here.

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