Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Buckwheat, despite its name, is perfectly safe for celiacs and other gluten-avoiders. Eaten whole, toasted and then cooked like rice, it becomes the Russian dish, kasha. Asian countries eat it as the flour for noodles and you can even find Japanese meditation pillows, called zafu, using buckwheat as a stuffing. Other pillows filled with buckwheat are sometimes heated and used as heating pads for muscle pain. But enough of its non-culinary versatility, here's a great way to use buckwheat flour. All credit for the recipe and photos goes to my friend Michel in Brussels. Thanks, again, Michel!

These easy and delicious rolls are made in a muffin tin. They are crispy outside and tender inside. It’s better to eat them fresh and make them every time you need to. Otherwise, freeze and reheat … the best way I have found to reheat is 20 seconds in the microwave, maximum heat, and then 2 minutes in a toaster oven, low temperature.

Makes 12

Here it is (of course, better when organic)

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

3/4 tsp sugar

8oz water

1c white rice flour

1/4c buckwheat flour

2T coconut flour

2T each of sesame and flax seeds (or whatever seeds you like).

Note: Coconut flour is not necessary but adds fiber and a nice, subtle flavor.If you don't add coconut flour,reduce water by 2T.

Preheat oven to 450 F

Dilute salt and sugar in water.

Mix dry ingredients well.

Add water. Mix until batter is smooth and sticky.

Fill muffin tins to the top.

Sprinkle seeds over muffins.

Bake 25 minutes.

Let cool a few minutes and … eat.


I Am Gluten Free said...

I've been doing a lot of gluten free baking with light buckwheat flour. It's a really nice addition to baked goods!

G.F.Veg said...

thanks for the tip! who is your supplier? is there some nutritional info they post? i'm always looking for ways to use other than the white flours, though they seem to be necessary for some gf recipes...

Linda-Kitchen Therapy said...

I often check World's Healthiest Foods, and Nutrition Data for nutrition info.

G.F.Veg said...

hi linda,
yes i use Nutrition Data too. didnt know about world's healthiest, though, so thanks for that!

Melissa said...

Sounds great, though I think I'd rather use brown rice flour than white rice. I can't remember the last time I had white rice at all.

G.F.Veg said...

i'll try them with brown rice flour--will probably give them a slightly more whole grain flavor, i'd think.