Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Discovering ethnic cuisines with dishes that are traditionally gluten-free is one of the joys of remaining open-minded when you give up wheat, rye and barley. But even the most adventurous of us has moments when a sort of wistful nostalgia sets in, with memories of a local eatery's meatloaf or the grilled cheese sandwich you'd gossip over with with a friend after classes were done for the day. The best thing was being able to have those simple, comforting foods was that they were available whenever you and your friends got together. Now you can relive that experience at Peter's.

Here's the old favorite of grilled cheese and tomato. 

Perfectly cooked, served with a crunchy half sour pickle and homemade coleslaw with tang and spice and just enough mayonnaise and not a bit more. The extremely  generous serving of broccoli was one of the vegetables of the day, ordered as a side and steamed to perfection. Other gluten free dishes on the extensive menu: sandwiches of every description (from BLT and tuna melt to meatloaf and Reuben), omelettes (served with gluten-free toast, of course), pancakes, bagels and much more.

There is outdoor seating at the front of the restaurant and a small patio at the rear.

As you enter the restaurant there is a wall of photos of actors named Peter. 

Then you realize that the cover of  the menu you've been handed features a collage of photos of other Peters (Peter Pan and Peter Gabriel are two). 

An unusually theme-driven decor for Manhattan, but affecting in no negative way whatsoever the wholesome tastiness of the food. Highly recommended.

Peter's Restaurant, 1606 First Avenue (83rd & 84th Streets), 212-734-9600

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