Saturday, October 31, 2009


One of the best things about Rice, apart from the very important facts that the prices are reasonable and the food is delicious, is that there are dishes for the meat-eater, the vegetarian, the vegan, the gluten-free diner and probably ones that accommodate other dietary restrictions as well. In short, a great place to bring your friends and family, however diverse a group they may be. For example, above is a chicken soup with vegetables, rice, avocado and lime, for the non-vegetarian gluten-free diner in your group.Here are tofu balls with red rice, for the vegetarian gluten-eater you're with for the meal.Either this butternut squash soup above, or the red rice with black beans (seen below) is great for vegetarians or celiacs, but delicious for meat and gluten eaters, too.
Below is one of Rice's most versatile dishes, an arepa, the exquisitely tasty Venezuelan/Columbian cornflour cake, served with queso fresco and lime.
Order (or share) an arepa as an appetizer before going on to a main meat or vegetarian dish, or have it as a light lunch with a salad or soup. Whether you have no dietary restrictions or a whole list of them, once you taste an arepa at Rice, it's a pretty sure bet you'll be back!

Rice Nolita: 292 Elizabeth Street at Houston Street (212-226-5775)


cinnamonquill said...

So envious of this meal! It all looks wonderful. What a fun time!

G.F.Veg said...

this chain is a great one to know about if you're in nyc. check the online menu to see how reasonable the prices are compared to other gluten free options around.