Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Every Tuesday, the Cupcake Stop truck is at Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street with Everybody Eats cupcakes for gluten free diners in the area. 

Despite the predictable disparity between the number of flavors available to those who eat gluten and those who do not, it is still worth standing in line for these little gems.

The flavors are: yellow cake with vanilla icing, yellow cake with chocolate icing, yellow cake with vanilla icing and chocolate chips. 

To reduce gluten free self-pity, it is advised to disregard the long list of wonderful glutenous options. Be that as it may, the gluten-free cupcake was delicious.

On a hot day, air conditioning might be advised for the (chocolate, it was) icing, but there were no complaints about it since it was a creamy and sweet as it should have been. 

In fact, there were no complaints whatsoever, which hopefully will encourage others to try these cupcakes, and Cupcake Stop to carry more gluten-free flavors. 

Perhaps chocolate cake with chocolate icing with chocolate chips to begin with?

Just a suggestion.


mkalligeros said...

Fear not - more cupcakes are available directly from Everybody Eats, a 100% dedicated gluten-free and ground and tree nut-free facility located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Order from www.everybodyeats-inc.com - they ship nationwide. They offer a wide variety of gluten-free products including pizza, pasta, high fiber bread and sweets (cinnamon sticky buns, rugelach chocolate chip cookies, etc.). Or pick up pre-placed orders at the kitchen facility in Brooklyn at 234 Third Avenue at Carroll Street (walk-ins are welcome on Saturday).

G.F.Veg said...

did you say rugelach??? wow!