Thursday, September 10, 2009


A stop most gluten-free travellers to New York Ciy is Risotteria on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, known for its pizza, wine or beer, risotto (of course!) and desserts, all available for gluten-free folks to enjoy, and they do, with gusto. It's not unusual for diners to share with strangers seated next to them exactly how long it's been since they've had fresh pizza, or even, pizza at all. It's quite a gathering place for gluten-free diners from all over the country, and, I wouldn't be surprised, from overseas as well.

Ironically, in a place known for its pizza, I had risotto the first time I ate there. Mainly because I'd never been in a place where I'd seen so many choices of vegetarian risotto (I've been vegetarian for years). The complimentary breadsticks were impressive, too. And my dessert, the irrestible and nostalgic (for a New York celiac, at least) black and white cookies. I was happy with my meal until I saw the lunch of the diner beside me. The sight of that pizza let me know I'd be a return customer!

On my next visit I ordered a salad, a mozzarella and tomato pizza, and, once again, the black and white. Heavenly. A nice crunch to the pizza, excellent sauce. Another home run.

But as a vegetarian celiac, things are not always so simple. After closer inspection of Risotteria's online menu, it appears that none of the gluten-free pizzas are listed as vegetarian. A friend had mentioned there was gelatin in their dough. I phoned the restaurant, asked, and was told, yes, that there was animal-source gelatin in the breadsticks and pizza. 

Tuesdays are gluten-free pasta days, though, so you could have the fusilli with pesto or spaghetti marinara, the choices for gluten-free vegetarians along with several vegetarian risottos, of course. And if you are not vegetarian, enjoy the full gluten-free menu, because this is absolutely one of the best places in town for gluten-free food!

Risotteria: open noon-11pm seven days, 212 924 6664 


gfreeandhealthy said...

I can't wait to hear your review. I visited Risotteria and think it is one of my most favorite restaurants ever.

Gloria said...

Can't they use gelatin that is NOT from animals? I would pay more.

G.F.Veg said...

yep, so would i.

G.F.Veg said...

hi gfreeandhealthy

yes i love a lot about the restaurant but am disappointed about the gelatin....but that's just my situation and definitely not a concern of most celiacs. so....enjoy!

jacki said...

I loved the breadsticks and got some to go, which had the ingredients listed on them.... NOT vegetarian! gag.

G.F.Veg said...

ugh...the breadsticks, too?
must ask next time about the black and white cookies!
so easy NOT to use gelatin, don't know why they don't alter their recipe!