Monday, August 17, 2009


Thanks to all the helpful tweeps who guided me in my search for large gluten free tortillas that I could use for wraps. Didn't see any at the Union Square Whole Foods but found them at TJ and I'm so embarrassed, I got them home and gobbled up the two burritos I made before photographing them, so....more tomorrow!
I sliced this burrito because the sides cracked a bit, but this was still a great package of tastiness. No side dishes but steamed broccoli. Once again, couldn't wait to dig in!

Here's a picture of the chili NOT as a burrito. The recipe is below:

Twenty 1-cup servings

1 cup TVP

1c boiling vegetable broth

2T oil

2T wheat free tamari

2 c chopped onions

2T chopped garlic

1c chopped green bell pepper

1/2 lb cremini mushrooms cut in quarters

1T cumin

1T ancho chile powder

1 1/2 tsp chipotle chile powder

1T salt 

2T oregano (epazote if possible)

2 28 oz cans crushed tomatoes

1 28 oz can whole tomatoes, roughly chopped

1c chopped cilantro

1/2 lb dry chickpeas, cooked, about 4c

1/2 lb dry kidney beans, cooked, about 3 1/2 c

1/2 lb dry black beans, cooked, about 3 1/2 c

Note: for mild chili, cut chile powders by half.

Mix TVP and broth. Let sit until liquid is absorbed.

In large pot sprayed with cooking spray, add TVP and all but tomatoes, cilantro, beans.

When onions are translucent, add beans.

After stirring well, add tomatoes and cilantro.

Cook on medium 30 mins or low 2 hours (preferred), stirring every 15 mins.

For thicker gravy, blend part of beans and pour back into chili.



Betsy said...

Nice! I didn't know Trader Joe's made brown rice tortillas. I would always get the Food For Life ones from Whole Foods...this is great!

And I ALWAYS end up eating everything before taking pictures to share! You are definitely not alone there!

The Elbow Chronicles said...

I had no idea Trader Joe's had these. I shop there all the time and just assumed they didn't. Maybe it's time for a re-con mission of TJ's. I've been craving a sandwish for the weeks and I don't like the spongy-ness of gf bread!

G.F.Veg said...

I never knew they had them and I am there at least twice a week! Thanks again to all the twitter people who helped me.

ELBOW CHRONICLES: please please try my italian bread, it's so easy to make and not spongey at all. check it out under BREAD RECIPES

Carving Out The Fat said...

I just found your blog today, and I have to say, I'm kind of excited to try the chili.

I had a question though. I'm allergic to soy. Can I leave out the TVP and the tamari and just add an extra cup or so of beans, or do you think that would that mess up the texture of the chili?

G.F.Veg said...

here's my answer to the TVP/soy question. this is a very flexible recipe. the last version i made was very dry--i experimented using one can of tomatoes, not two. and ended up using some mild salsa when i made burritos. just as an example...

so, no, i wouldnt worry. what you could do, if you wanted to (but it's by no means necessary) would be to remove some beans from their cooking pot when they're slightly undercooked, and roughly chop them. set them aside until you mix everything together and that should give you something like the texture of the hydrated TVP.

hope that helps, and thanks so much for commenting!

Coach Camille said...

I've tried these tortillas and am not impressed. They are very dry and crumble when you try to fold them. Have even tried doing a bit of steaming first and that doesn't work either. No recommended for an eat out the door situation.

G.F.Veg said...

i found that the ones i used first were more flexible. i think it might be important to seal the bag they came in tightly (which i didn't do!). i was just so happy to find a large one. been using the small ones. flexible, but....small.

Laura said...

hi.. im new to your site and im wondering what is tpv please?

thank you!


G.F.Veg said...

hi laura,
tvp is short for textured vegetable protein, which are basically little granules (or sometimes bigger chips) of soy beans, which, when you hydrate them, almost have the texture of ground beef.

i usually add soy sauce, a vegetable bouillon cube, or bragg's aminos to the hydrating liquid, just to give it some more flavor.

great for anyplace you'd use ground beef.
thanks for writing!

Laura said...

thank you very much on the tvp!

lemme give u a REAL easy recipe using the gf brown rice large tortillas... this is a weight watchers recipe.. and what a YUM this is..

warm up the tortilla in a pan..

add.. fresh salsa.. or jar salsa
grated zuchini
pile on some black beans
and add grated cheddar cheese.. and THATS it.. warm it up so cheese melts.. its the easypeasy way to enjoy the rice tortillas!