Sunday, August 16, 2009


Though from this photo I suppose this doesn't look like a new kind of granola, I still think it is. The newness is in the way you buy it.This bowl is custom granola, made to order for you each time you buy. Which means you can try out ingredients and see if you like them, you can switch the mix of your granola on a whim without having to stock, say, a pound of walnuts from Trader Joe and be stuck with them forever. 

Mine came out exactly as I imagined it, very nutty, slightly sweet from a few dried fruits (currants and cranberries) I included and without overwhelming amounts of flakes. I included nuts too expensive for me to ever have bought a bag of (macadamias, brazils) and my favorite, coconut. This doesn't come cheap, though. The container you see below weighed a couple of ounces shy of two pounds, and with shipping cost about $25. Spiffy packaging and a note from the packer saying this was made just for you. Could be a nice weekend guest gift.  

Though not certified gluten free, you can easily order the mix without any gluten-containing items and great care is taken to avoid cross-contamination. I wrote to the manufacturer about this, since the box says "may contain wheat." Here's the answer I received:
About the gluten-free part, we use separate mixing processes for each mix. This means that each cereal is mixed individually rather than in a batch. We can therefore avoid cross contamination. For the gluten-free mixes specifically, we always start the day with mixing these before any other mixes are made. They are mixed first since warehouse has been meticulously cleaned (twice - once in the evening and once, first thing in the morning) so that no traces of previous ingredients should exist.
The gluten-flakes are produced in a gluten free environment. We have had a lot of people with high gluten-intolerences try the flakes and have not received anything but positive feedback thus far. That said, it is important to mention that we store everything in the same warehouse and we are legally obliged to inform the customer that there may be traces of gluten in the cereal. Once again, out of the thousands of customers we have sold to, we have not received a single case where someone was dissatisfied with their gluten-free mix. 

This is a fun product, and though I myself am not just gluten intolerant, but a full celiac, I was able to eat these with no negative symptoms whatsoever, so for me, it's a great item. But of course, you and your doctor should make this decision for you. For vegetarians without gluten intolerance, it's a great way to make granola, all the ingredients, none of the storage or mess issues, and huge variety!



jenny said...

This is Jenny with me and goji. I'm really glad that you liked your mix and thank you for writing for us.

G.F.Veg said...

well, you're welcome, but I really wasn't writing "for you" (LOL) but for the blog and folks who read it! maybe you mean "about us"? in any case, nice stuff!

fleababe said...

I am the lucky recipient of this cereal, which my very good pal, gfveg, brought to me as a "try-this-u-will-love-it" weekend-guest house gift. The combination of different ingredients was delicious and the mix had a nice, clean, light taste with just the right crunch factor. Am saving the balance for my Labor Day weekend brunch guests. Oh, and the packaging is really pretty so I can put it out on the table.

G.F.Veg said...

glad you liked it!