Sunday, August 23, 2009


This past Wednesday night, August 19, Whole Foods Union Square in New York City held a gluten free tasting from 5pm to 7pm. This is the second gluten free tasting I've been to at Whole Foods and I really enjoy them, since the products, both gluten free and otherwise, are so numerous at a store of this size that it's easy, without this sort of focussing on one type of item, to overlook something that could really be of value to you. 
Like, for example, these energy bars by Amazing Grass. I don't think I'd be drawn to something just because it's called a green super-food. In fact, it might even deter me from a purchase (the "probably tastes as bad as it is good for me" response). But that's the value of tasting nights--they bring you out of your culinary shell. These were delicious, fudgey, and if they're good for you, which, by all accounts they seem to be, eating them was a nonetheless delightful experience.
I love macaroons so I had two servings of these. (Found at the bakery section). One came from the middle of the tray, so I thought it was a bit underdone. Then I had this one, from a corner. Wonderful. If you've got a range of tastes for macaroons in your family (well done to less so) a tray of these would be fine. If not, stick to individually baked macaroons with lots of crusty parts. 
Although I lived in Italy for two years, I must admit that I never loved gnocchi. Especially unflavored white potato ones, like this. This is from Nuovo, who also make a basil and roasted sweet potato version, which sounds a bit more interesting than the plain jane gal pictured above.
Ah, Glutino. source of the only gluten free bagel I can eat without feeling sorry for my celiac self. And now this unforgettably Proustian moment, these childhood cookies revisited, only gluten free. At left, the chocolate covered vanilla wafer, and on the right, the lemon filled vanilla wafer. They are light and sweet and absolute perfection. Don't forget your milk!



Shelley said...

thanks for the update. I will have to go to Whole foods and look for some of thee products. i don't live in NYC, but hopefully they will have them here in florida.

G.F.Veg said...

hi shelley,
these are national brands, so i think you'll find them easily...and since the macaroons came from the whole foods bakery itself, i think they may make them at all their stores. good luck in your search!

My Naughty Toybox said...

I've never really been into gluten free or vegan eats, but some of the stuff posted here looks so delicious. Time to find a whole foods store, I may check out their snack section. :)

G.F.Veg said...

i must eat gluten free, so for me if the food doesnt taste good it makes me really sad....i mean, i have no choice, so i'd better find some good things to eat. happy to share what i find!