Sunday, August 2, 2009


Who hasn't had a baked potato? But have you ever had a baked potato that looked like this? I so felt I was eating a baked potato when I bit into these potato chive tortilla chips that my only sadness was the lack of cheddar cheese and broccoli, my favorite way to eat a baked potato. 
But I will solve that soon, when I make broccoli cheddar nachos with these perfect Potato Chive tortilla chips!
When I tasted the Lime chips, I sniffed them first, and they weren't particularly lime-y as I remember, but then when I bit into one I was surprised and delighted at the intense citrus wallop of these slices. 
How do they keep that just-squeezed limeness in a paper bag, I wondered, as I munched happily.  I have been the opposite of a chocoholic. I have been, I suppose, choco-blase, a choco-apathete. I don't mind it, but it doesn't excite me. Probably because it conflicts with my passion for crispness (not a fan of chewy cookies, for example). As a child, the only chocolate bar I liked wasn't really a chocolate bar at all, but half crackley rice: Nestle's Crunch. 
Only now that I've met these strange and wonderful rectangles, these Chocolate Tortilla Chips, do I find I must have secretly loved chocolate. It's a joy for me  to have chocolate's deep, rich flavor with more crunch than I ever could have dreamed of. I'm thrilled to see tiny ice cream sandwiches in my future, and am not apathetic at all!
These are the olive chips. They are not my favorites, but they are my sister's favorites of the Food Should Taste Good chips. Here's why: she loved the olive-ness of the crackers, but felt it was subtle enough not to taste artificial. 
She's already recommended them to the rest of the family, so I guess that's proves Food Should Taste Good has something for everyone, those with subtle palates like my sister's, and those with.....well, mine.In addition to these flavors, FSTG makes Jalapeno, Multigrain, Buffalo, The Works and Sweet Potato chips. Their products are gluten-free and made without genetically modified ingredients. Try them!

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