Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was particularly happy with this frittata, so I thought I'd add some more notes on the frittata process that I've been posting about this week. 
This time, I actually DID beat the egg whites, and this led to, I must admit, greater veg to egg adhesion: less stuff fell out/broke off when I folded the frittata. By the way, I know you're technically not supposed to fold a frittata, but then I like my fillings frittata style. So is this a frittalette? An omelatta? Anyway, I'll be beating the whites in the future.

Another thing I did differently was to put the squash slices down first and dice the green peppers and slice the onions and set them aside while the squash cooked, to give the slices a chance to brown undisturbed. 

And the third thing I did that's a change from what I usually do is to use the "crack the pan" technique, but only towards the end. That still let moisture escape while heating the eggs more quickly but the moisture of vegetables escaped more quickly at the beginning when the lid was off. Will have to try this with mushrooms to see which way I like it.

This frittata's ingredients (in a 10" pan sprayed with olive oil) were:

3 egg whites 
1c sliced summer squash
1/c sliced onions
1/3c diced green pepper
salt, pepper, oregano, basil

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