Friday, July 10, 2009


This will be a short review, because it seems everyone loves Mary's Gone Crackers.
I bought a box of the Everything crackers when I was first diagnosed. Never finished them. Thought I was chewing on wood. But as I say, people are crazy about them. 

Then I went to the Fancy Food Show. I'd been tasting a lot of rich foods. I needed a cracker, and there were Mary's, right in front of me. Since I knew I didn't like them, I compromised, deciding on the Twigs. "Oh, boy," I thought. "First, wood. Now twigs." I almost walked away. Fortunately, I didn't. Those twigs were tastier than any wood I've ever come across!

The curry was delicious:

The chipotle was, too:

I hereby eat my words. And in the future, most likely, many bags of perfectly crunchy little pretzel sticks called Sticks & Twigs. All the bite I disliked in the crackers (and yes, I'll probably give them another try), are an absolute plus when it comes to pretzels. They are the best! Crispy, layered, with chia seeds for fiber and a nice well-rounded spice mix. NOT that dunked-in-chili (or curry) flavor that some spiced items have.  

In short, highly recommended. 
(Even to the few who are not 
Mary's Gone Crackers fans!)


Terina said...

I also had "gone off" Mary's crackers, but after your review I'm willing to pay to try the twigs. Thanks for the info!

G.F.Veg said...

i just posted a link to this review to one of my yahoo groups and found a real NON-fan of the twigs, but then i told her the story of how i (according to a friend of mine) eat my omelettes burnt and he (according to me) eats his raw!

takes all kinds...

let me know how you like them.

Mary said...

We are sorry our crackers didn’t make the best first impression on you, but we are thrilled and appreciative that you tried our Sticks & Twigs and enjoyed them! It’s true, we have such a great army of wonderful fans of our products. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about Mary's Gone Crackers, and we’d love to send you all of the flavors of our original crackers in the hopes you’ll find one that you enjoy!

Mary Waldner
Founder, Mary's Gone Crackers

G.F.Veg said...

hi mary,
thanks for writing! i would love to taste some more of your crackers. the twigs are truly wonderful! if you email me at, i will give you all my info. thanks again!