Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Eating a vegetable egg white omelette daily, my weight's been peeling off, but I am bored. Luckily, Garden Lites, ten low-cal egg white souffles yanked me out of that rut with just a brief tasting.

I loved the zucchini portabella's spaghetti-like texture and woodsy mushroomy taste. The roasted vegetable was a lovely, slightly sweeter vegetable souffle. Neither like my too-familiar omelette!
Speaking of sweet, I'd tasted the carrot. Though I can easily see these being a meal with salad and fruit, wouldn't carrot souffle (or butternut squash?) be perfect with sliced glutenfree vegetarian tempeh roast and gravy? I see the cauliflower Garden Lite beside vindaloo beans over rice. And how about the spinach paired with a glutenfree vegetarian BeastlessBurger™ (right on this blog) for one high-powered, high-iron, high-protein meal?
Loved the taste, the convenience and the fact that all are good choices for vegetarians, celiacs, and dieters of any stripe. Can you tell I find Garden Lites inspiring?



sandra said...

great packaging or should I say deceiving packaging. The product does not look nor taste anything close to what it claims and tries to portray. The FDA should look into these small kitchen manufacturers that use illegal means to market a poor quality product

sandra said...

They are traces of Glutten. the manufacturer produces alot of glutten out of that kitchen. call and ask them if they use noodles and flour in their kitchen and they will have to answer in the affirmative. 718-439-0200

Leigh said...

i love the garden light veggie souffles. yummy as a snack or side for dinner.

G.F.Veg said...

such a lot of time saved with products like these esp in the zucchini portabello and its little zucchini "spaghettis"

G.F.Veg said...

Hi Sandra.

I've tasted some of these souffles and loved them. I guess that's what makes horse races, as they say!

As far as the gluten issue, I have their printed materials from the show which clearly state they are vegetarian and gluten free. If that is misrepresentation, that is sad, but since I've had nothing but my asking if they are gluten free (and getting an affirmative response (at the show) and then reading their materials, at the moment I can't respond fiurther to your comment. I will re-check with the mfgr and re-post on this issue.

G.F.Veg said...

Hi Sandra,

Contacted the Garden Lites manufacturer and was told that they are taking all necessary precautions to avoid cross-contamination with the one product at their facility that is made with traditional non-gluten-free noodles. No wheat flour is used in the facility, which given the airborne nature of flour, would have been a concern.

The Garden Lites themselves are made with no gluten-containing products. Last year, the company moved to a new facility which has been recently examined by USDA.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

As Sandra indicated on July 14, 09 - Something akin to FALSE Advertizing! I purchased the Zucchini Marinara on sale...Don't anyone pay the full price. I was very disappointed. It is miniscule to say the least and looks NOTHING like the picture on the package. Although tasted good. It is NOT WORTH the full price and not even worth a sale price. It is a side dish at best! Even though the taste was good, I will not be purchasing this again and I suggest you don't either. What a rip off!

G.F.Veg said...

well i guess we have a range of opinions, here. i agree with leigh--i loved the taste and variety, and though i tend to make just about everything from scratch, if i didn't i'm sure i'd be buying garden lites frequently!

thanks for writing, though. i love having different points of view represented here.

Garden Lites said...

Glad you were inspired by our products! If you want to stay updated on what we're doing, find us on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

Where can you find them? I cant even find their website.