Monday, July 20, 2009


When I first found out I had celiac disease, I think I went through a bag of glutefree cookies every two days or so. I was skinny from malnutrition and wanted to gain weight, and with that style of eating, did I ever! 

It's been a while since the excesses of the first post-diagnosis months, and slowly, I'ved added (occasional) snacks into my diet. I buy almost no processed glutenfree foods, baking and cooking almost everything I eat. (My biggest snack item right now is the airpopped popcorn I make almost daily.)

The things I buy from TJ, though, almost go in a separate category in my mind. The store isn't far from my apartment, the prices are always the lowest around, and if there's something gluten free, I feel it's almost my duty to try it, since I'm grateful for their efforts on behalf of the gluten free community. (Especially when, as in the case of these ginger snaps, they are about half the prices of ones at health food stores!)

There they are. Crunchy, dusted in cinnamon sugar, spiced nicely and if you're on weight-watchers, five of them will set you back only three points. No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors. Delightful. 


Gloria said...

Yes, I have tried these cookies and they aren't to bad but still prefer making my own over ready made gf products.
I tried the paul newman chocolate w/cream middle taste buds did not like them.

G.F.Veg said...

dear gloria,
i know what you mean.
i got into a lot of trouble eating tons of my oatmeal cookies (weightwise and a bit, stomachwise) and i can't see doing that with these, but they're pleasant and inexpensive and great (i think) to have around when you don't feel like baking but want a small cookie with tea.

by the way: nice looking blog of yours!

glutenfreeislife said...

My son loves these! :)

G.F.Veg said...

it is kind of great to have them so inexpensively and conveniently available, isn't it? whenever i can i try to buy my glutenfree stuff at tj because i want to encourage them to expand their line of products in that area. my sister jokes that when they opened in nyc i was ready to stand in line overnight as if it were a rock concert--but given nyc food prices, this place is really a lifesaver. well ok i wasnt there from midnight but i was there loading up on their very first day!!

Kristy Lund said...

My sons love these, they are a staple that I bring when going somewhere (party, etc.) where they might have treats my younger son can't eat.

Question- for your popcorn, do you use a popcorn maker? I've been tempted to buy one and would love some advice (maybe a future blog entry for you?)

Also, I'm on a forum of English-speaking mothers living in Sweden (a bit random, but stay with me) and when people talk about what they miss most from home, Trader Joes and Whole Foods is always listed by the Americans.

I like your blog!

G.F.Veg said...

hi kristy,

im using a popcorn maker now. but in the past i've just taken a brown paper bag and put some kernels in it and folded the bag down and stuck it in the microwave (forget the timing so youd have to experiment). i've never use anything but plain popcorn kernels.

now im using what i think is the cheapest kind of air popper you can buy...have had different ones thru the years, never more than 15 or 20 dollars on amazon. popcorn keeps me fairly on track with my weight as well as being the ultimate portable gf snack.

thanks for writing!

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