Friday, July 31, 2009


I was at the Union Square farmer's market here in NYC this morning. These purple Pennsylvania peppers were right at the entrance, and irrestible. 
Since I have some version of a pepper and egg white omelette every day (peppers mushroom, pepper zucchini, pepper onion) I knew they wouldn't go to waste.

But by the time I got home I remembered I'd posted about purple radishes a few weeks ago, or had meant to, but had only gotten as far as the picture. 
Even though the radishes are long gone, I grabbed what I had on hand to make this purple and red salad, using the inspiring purple peppers, one Jersey tomato from the farmer's market (it really was that red!!), some red radishes, and some red (actually purple) onions, salt, fresh pepper and a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar. You could add oil, but I prefer vinegar to oil, and I used so little, I used it alone.

I defrosted a roll I'd made a couple of months ago. I dId a 30 second microwaving, then toasted it. I made these rolls using my Italian bread recipe (see the Looking for Something Specific list in the right sidebar). I just poured the batter into some short tuna-sized cans with both ends removed--I used water chestnut cans or rings of aluminum foil. (I'll get into the technique in detail in the near future.) You could also make this sandwich using Trader Joe's French Rolls or Trader Joe's English Muffins.)
I'm watching my weight, so this sandwich (assembled while the bread was still warm) is made of fresh red peppers, Laughing Cow Lite Swiss cheese spread, and 1T Trader Joe's olive tapenade, very purplish in real life if not in these photos, just to keep the theme going.
If I were not dieting, I'd use brie instead of Laughing Cow and roasted peppers or sundried tomatoes in oil, but this was pretty filling and tasty as it was for a diet sandwich!
For dessert, I found more purple food in the fridge, these sweet plums. Nice contrast to the salt of the olives and vinegar of the salad. Everything was accompanied by several glasses of the very refreshing iced tea I made this morning. Not purple, but necessary on a day like today--they say it's 82 but feels like 92 to me!
I guess the only way to end this post, given all the trailers I've seen recently of Julie & Julia, is by wishing you all a hearty "Bon Appetit!"


Shelley said...

I never thought of having a "purple" sandwich. Looks divine.

kauneonga said...

Is it possible, in nature, to have a blue sandwich? Just wondering!

G.F.Veg said...

well the first thing that comes to mind is of course blue cheese!! (especially if you cut away the white parts--whoah--strong!)

G.F.Veg said...

hi shelley--i never thought i'd be eating purple peppers but they seem to be pretty available...
thanks for writing!

kate the bake said...

Wow, purple peppers.
I haven't made it to a farmers market for a while, so have no idea whether you can buy them on this side of the pond. Hope so, i'd love to give this a go!

G.F.Veg said...

good luck, kate! let me know what unusual foods i should look for in england...havent been there in a while, but when i go it would be fun to ask for the english version of the purple pepper!