Monday, June 15, 2009



Guest Poster Fleababe Reviews

This morning I awoke to the smell of baking, and by the time I got downstairs to the kitchen, my darling husband had a batch of chocolate brownies cooling on the counter. He'd used the 365 brand Gluten-Free Brownie Mix that he'd bought as a surprise for me, so I didn't know what to expect; I'd been disappointed before, and didn't want to get my gustatory hopes up. 

But I was unable to resist the amazing chocolate scent, so I quickly downed half of a brownie for breakfast. And what an amazing brownie it was. Moist and ultra-chocolatey inside with a lovely cakey outside. The other half went down just as easy because, as I told my mate, "It tastes like a real brownie." Meaning it didn't taste like the poor substitute we sometimes have to tolerate when it comes to our GF sweets. 

I like my brownies very chewy and almost fudge-like inside and these fit the bill; perhaps it was the 7 tablespoons of butter that you have to add? No one said these were heart-healthy, but you could serve these at a summer picnic and unwrap them without the caveat that "uh, everyone, these are gluten-free but they're really good." 

Once cut into squares, the brownies stayed together nicely even when I broke a piece off, with just a few crumbs left on my plate. The only other ingredient you need on hand is 2 eggs; nuts are optional. The instructions suggest freeezing the cooked brownies for an hour before serving but we ignored that stage, since I like my gratification to be instant.

Thanks to guest-poster Fleababe for this review. She is a designer, freelance writer, vintage enthusiast and art appraiser. Though not a celiac, she eats gluten free for stomach comfort and to keep her best friend company through the mysteries of celiacworld.


Kim In Texas said...

I haven't tried 365 brand. WF is over an hour away.

I have tried Bob's Red Mill. My entire family loves them even those not on a GF diet.

I just bought another package to hid in the pantry for the same reason you stated.

I can easily take them to a party and not have to worry about saying "these might taste weird because they are gluten free".

G.F.Veg said...

thanks, kim,

good to know!
will put them on my list as well, since
i already buy several items from bob's.

LivePath said...

Hey there! Awesome brownie review, thank you! @gfveg told me about you. Think you should check out @sanaacooks on Twitter ... she's a gluten free Mediterranean chef and is perfecting some amazing stuff...selling it locally. or